Arrowhead Gateway Redevelopment

As the City of Hartford plans for future opportunities north of DoNo/North Crossing and extending up Main Street and Albany Avenues, redevelopment at the core of the area is taking shape. The namesake Arrowhead building and Flat Iron building are being leveraged with infill opportunities at the tip of the Savin Block to bring 40+ apartments and more retail space at the gateway corner. The development duo has already worked on a project on the other end of the block. They are also proposing to extending the closure of Ann Uccello Street to create a pedestrian plaza on the site. This would greatly compliment redevelopment on the south end of the block and bolster opportunity to connect the North End with the downtown in a greater way.

The has proposed two concepts for redevelopment of the blocks on Albany Avenue and Main Street extending from the immediate project area, to support further neighborhood growth and stabilization.

Project Type: Non-Profit, with Gov. funding
Address: 533 Ann Uccello Street
Cost: $17,500,000