Coltsville National Historical Park

Coltsville is a National Historical Park authorized by the federal government in 2014. Upon completion, the old foundry buildings in the Colt complex will be transformed into a visitors center.

Coltsville will be a partnership park that includes many privately owned properties. One of these properties, Armsmear, is the old home of Sam and Elizabeth Colt. Today, Armsmear is a senior housing facility. In addition, Hartford’s Colt Park and the Church of the Good Shepherd will become part of the National Park.

In order to become officially established, the park must acquire two historic brownstones set to be part of the site. The brownstones are currently owned by a developer who plans to donate to the National Park Service. Once the donation is official, funding must be secured to repair the brownstones.

Project Type: State/Municipal
Address: 120 Huyshope Avenue, Hartford
Cost: $1,000,000