An under-utilized freight rail corridor provides a great opportunity to accommodate a shared use path within the right-of-way that would connect the Union Station area to North Hartford and Bloomfield Center. Along the way, around two dozen civic and educational facilities are located with a two-or-three block buffer. This node could serve as a link in the East Coast Greenway and provide a safe mobility route, as well as a new recreational and culture hub for the diverse Northend communities. The trail could also connect to trails in the Farmington Valley, trails along the Riverfront, and east of the river.

An expansion of the project area, called the RiverLink, would connect the trail from Union Station to Riverside Park. Current work at the park could begin work on RiverLink by renovating the pedestrian overpass to Market Street, and landscaping a pathway between them.

Project Type: Non-Profit
Address: Homestead Avenue, Hartford
Cost: $