North Crossing (Downtown North)

A new neighborhood is slated for construction north of I-84, centered on Main Street.

The first building, the Pennant with many amenities including a fitness center and rooftop pool and cabana, is open for leasing and is seeing great demand. This first phase of development includes 270 apartments, ground-floor retail, and a 330 space parking garage. It cost $56 million to develop is located on Parcel C of the larger neighborhood project.

The full project is the mixed-use redevelopment of parking lots surrounding Dunkin’ Donuts Park, led by Norwalk developer RMS Properties. Groundbreaking began in August 2020 after the release of Centerplan liens on properties. The first phase was completed late in 2022, and further phases are due to begin when a further Centerplan lawsuit is finished.

RMS is interested in building a grocery store as part of Phase II, and the entire development is anticipated to create over 1,000 apartments and dozens of retail spaces.

Project Type: State/Municipal
Address: 1915 Main Street, Hartford
Cost: $200,000,000