Pratt Street Redevelopment

Several downtown developers are coming together to elevate the profile of this cultural corridor.

Updates and rehabilitation to numerous Shelbourne properties along Pratt & Temple streets, including acquisitions of Temple Street properties (corner & student housing). Ideas include a food hall, micro-apartments, and an eventual full-time programming planner.

Work will be done in partnership with Crosskey Architects. Many of the buildings on the south side have been rehabilitated with hundred of apartments brought online. With the City’s HartLift program, Pratt Street has seen every retail vacancy filled for the first time in decades with small businesses.

Pratt Street is now closed to vehicles. Tables and chairs will be set up between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. with multiple events planned every month.

Project Type: Private, with Gov. funding
Address: Pratt Street, Hartford
Cost: $100,000,000