Windsor Locks Train Station

Windsor Locks Train Station

Windsor Locks is planning to relocate its station to the site of the historic train station downtown.

This will bring the renovation of the site of the former station in heart of town to replace the current CTrail station, in an effort to make the town center more transit-oriented.

In addition to the new station, other improvements include track and signal work, street-level rail crossings, and Amtrak rail yard work.

Upon the completion of financing the station, the town has now started planning for an adjacent $45 million mixed-use development.

In December 2020 the town received a $130,000 grant from the state of CT to continue renovations on the historic train station. The town has selected a national developer for a long-term lease that facilitates the restoration of the station for retail and civic spaces.

Project Type: State/Municipal
Address: 200 Main Street, Windsor Locks
Cost: $65,000,000