Hartford turns 400 in 2035.

What can we accomplish between now and then?

If we take full advantage of our extraordinary location, we can become the green, river-centered crossroads of New England.

If we increase our population and density, and expand our workforce and knowledge economy, we can become one of the nation’s most prosperous regions.

If we continue to increase our housing choices, density, and neighborhood investment, we can become a model of equity, diversity, opportunity, and affordable livability.

If we continue our shift from car-dependence to broad-based mobility, we can become a walkable, bikeable, transit-oriented network of town and city centers.

If we continue to enhance our centers, connect our assets, and tell our story, we can become a national magnet for arts, culture, and recreation.

Hartford400 will work to ensure that its stakeholders ambitious projects succeed, making the region more sustainable, prosperous, equitable, mobile, and vibrant.

We will work to strengthen our stakeholders' resolve, post-pandemic, to help restore the social, cultural and physical fabric of the region.

environment more sustainable

economy more prosperous

community more equitable

transport more mobile

culture more vibrant

Hartford400 is a coalition of the region’s major organizations, working together to forge a comprehensive, river-centered vision and action plan for the valley and its capital city, one that integrates our environmental, economic, social, transportation, and cultural aspirations.

you: the 1.1 million people of the Connecticut Valley and its 40+ towns and cities

a shared, river-centered vision for the Connecticut Valley and its Capital City

now (2020) through 2035, a 15-year span leading to the 400th anniversary of town settlement in the valley, and our Capital City

the 1,000 square miles of the valley: 42 miles of the Connecticut River; more than 40 towns; and the Capital City, including Hartford and its eight adjoining towns

to make the Connecticut Valley and its Capital City more sustainable, prosperous, equitable, mobile, and vibrant

through the cooperative effort of towns, neighborhoods, organizations, officials, leaders, investors, and individuals: achieve consensus, share the vision, secure funds, spur investment, and complete key projects, large and small

What’s next?
Confirm the vision. Set realistic targets. Take action.