Over the years, many organizations have spent considerable resources developing plans for the future. In establishing the framework for Hartford400 one of the first things was done was to review those previous plans and find common themes which have informed the five goals of Hartford400.  Below are many of the plans that have been reviewed.

Amazon RFP (2017)
BDL Airport Master Plan (2019)
Building Healthy Corridors (2016)
Greater Hartford Arts Landscape Study (2019)
City of Hartford Comphrehensive Parking Study
CRCOG Metropolitan Transportation Plan Executive Summary (2019)
Hartford Parks Green Ribbon Task Force (2011)
Renewing a Historic Legacy Park System of Hartford (2007)
Connecticut Regional Agriculture Market Proposed Redevelopment Concept (2022)
PUMA Global Trends Affecting Downtown
Economic Impact of Greenways Literature Review (2015)
Hartford Conceptual Green Belt (2007)
Guide to Park Laws Hartford (2016)
Hartford Density and Zoning Analysis (2018)
Hartford Flood Control System Overview and Status (2016)
CRCOG Public Participation Plan (2017)
Criteria for Riverfront Development (1980)
CRCOG CEDS Appendix (2019)
Downtown North/Downtown West Development Plan
CRCOG Metropolitan Transportation Plan Draft (2019)
NEC Our Future On Track Highlights
NEC Our Future On Track
NEC Capital Investment Plan 2020-2024
Metro Hartford Progress Points (2015)
MDC Strategic Plan
MDC Hartford WPCF Master Plan Clean Water Project Exec Summary
Making High Speed Rail Work in the Northeast Megaregion (2010)
Innovation Place Hartford East Hartford Summary
I-84-Hartford-Project-Urban-Design-Session (2016)
I-84 Viaduct Study 2010
I-84 I-91 Tunnel Proposal
Heritage Trail Riverwalk
Hartford TOD Pilot Final (2018)
Hartford Bicycle Master Plan (2018)
Hartford Zoning Regulations (2017)
Hartford Springfield Economic Partnership Brochure (2017)
50 Years of Urban Redevelopment in Hartford (2017)
One City One Plan (2011)
Hartford Line TOD
Hartford Innovation Places Overview Presentation (2017)
Coltsville National Park Visitor Experience Study (2008)
Connecticut-Commission-on-Fiscal-Stability-and-Economic-Growth Draft Report (2018)
Connecticut's Agricultural Heritage
Creative Placemaking (2010)
Charter Oak Cultural Center Feasibility Report (2013)
CRCOG CEDS Report (2019)

Additional Resources