Imagine a safe, six mile greenway that connects you to the community, the city, and the river.

The Hartline is an innovative infrastructure reuse project that will transform something that divides Hartford’s neighborhoods into one that connects eight neighborhoods. This car-free greenway will create vital links between communities, public parks, schools, enhancing quality of place for residents.

Creating Community

Your home gets a new landscaped gateway to the Hartline

Creating Connections

You can easily walk or bike to the Hartline from nearly 20 schools and colleges, and from dozens of communities and neighborhoods.

Creating Change

Your neighborhood improved with new investments

Envisioning the Hartline

Drawing inspiration from similar shared-use path projects across the country, we anticipate a vibrant transformation with so many benefits: safe routes to school, bike-friendly transit, and access to the river. 

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Hartline Riverlink Bridge Nov16 After

Rail. Road. Bridge.

The Hartline consists of three distinct but seamless segments: rail, road, and bridge.

The rail segment will trace the path of the Griffin Line, a single-track freight rail corridor, extending from the heart of Bloomfield to Garden St.

The road segment, from Edwards to Market, enhances existing streetscapes, incorporating pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, art installations, and pocket parks that foster a sense of community and vibrancy.

The bridge segment rises from Market St. and crosses over I-91 into Riverside Park. It features a signature bridge design that will provide a visually stunning and accessible connection to Riverside Park's recreational opportunities.

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