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what we could become if we enhanced our centers, connected our assets, and told our story: a vibrant, historic, and cultural magnet

How can Hartford become more equitable on its 400th birthday? We have significant strengths in our neighborhoods and institutions. Let’s harness them to promote and protect human dignity. Let’s break down barriers that separate communities. And let’s ensure equitable and affordable access to safe, high-quality housing, schools, food, parks, and services.

Play400 Projects

Arts & Culture

The Valley and capital city punch way about weight in arts and culture. Impart a legacy of foresighted and generous benefactors, and of Hartford’s period as one of the nation’s wealthiest cities) A major attractor for visitors, new residents, talented workers, investment.

Continue connecting cultural institution to work together, grow together, connect to each other through public spaces, activate their surrounding environments, invest in their communities, become fully accessible to everyone.

Families & Livability

Make the valley very attractive for families, including to those contemplating starting a family. Prospective employees will weigh the long-term viability of the region for raising a family even if single at the time. This includes good schools, parks, public safety, natural assets such as hiking and water activities, good hospitals and health care.

Livability includes attractions for younger people looking to settle in one region or another, and who consider the liveliness of the urban core, its cultural, entertainment, and sports offerings (both spectator and participatory such as hiking, biking and water sports), its housing choices, its accessibility to New York and Boston by train, its connections to the nation and world through the airport. Also its encouragement of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Promotion & Tourism

An admirable Yankee reticence to boast also means a notable failure to tell our story – to get the word out about the valley’s natural beauty and assets; its success stories in agriculture, food, the arts, innovative businesses; its new investments in transportation infrastructure and housing.

Need a coordinated agency with fund to promote, and expand cultural tourism both to the capital city and to the Connecticut Valley as a whole.

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